Classic Hydramatic Rebuild and Resurrection Service
Classic HydramaticRebuild and Resurrection Service

Classic Hydramatic – Early Hydramatic transmission rebuild service for your classic car or classic truck!  YES!  We are still in business!

Located in Concord, NC


GM Hydramatic transmission specialist! 

Classic Hydramatic rebuilds or resurrects your classic car or classic truck Early Hydramatic, Dual Path, Jetaway, Cast Iron Power Glide, or Dual Fluid Coupler transmission (Yes - even the early Rolls Royce Hydramatic). Expert on vintage GM Hydramatic series.  All work professionally completed on YOUR transmission,  NOT an exchange service. You bring or ship your transmission, your transmission is returned in working order – it’s that simple. Also, our specialty resurrection service takes very poor condition or basket case Hydramatic transmissions and brings them back to life fully  functional and road ready.


Did you have your transmission rebuilt by another shop and are not satisfied?  No problem, drop me an email so we can discuss how your transmission is behaving.


Classic car restoration shops, please contact me if you would like us to rebuild your customer's transmission.  


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