Classic Hydramatic Rebuild and Resurrection Service
Classic HydramaticRebuild and Resurrection Service

Cast Iron PowerGlide

The Cast Iron Power Glide transmission is a little different than the Early or Jetaway Hydramatic.  Maybe your Power Glide is working but leaking everywhere, or maybe not driven for years, or slipping, or teh Park is not holding, or your Power Glide is not working at all. But you want to keep that classic car or truck "original" – right?  We believe in originality and bringing that car or truck back to functional status as it was in the era it was produced.  Maybe you believe this too? 


I specialize in Cast Iron Power Glide overhaul.  If it’s a non-functioning unit or basket case, please contact us to determine repair-ability.


Classic Car Restoration and Transmission Shop Owners - drop us an email if you need your customer's early Hydramatic, Jetaway or PowerGlide transmission repaired.  Even if someone else has gone through it and the transmission is not working correctly.  We are glad to help.


Our service includes pre-commitment review of your transmission repair needs and decision if moving forward makes sense, upon receipt a complete inventory of parts (if basket case), disassembly, thermal cleaning/inspection, check all bushings, gears, thrust surfaces, complete reseal, replace friction components, inspect bands, inspect friction drums, replace damaged components, reassembly, adjust endplay, adjust bands, and fluid coupling evaluation.


NOTE: Estimates listed below are general guidelines.  Upon an initial email or phone conversation, we will send you a written estimate based on your transmission condition.  


Note: All parts are sold to you at jobber cost.  This saves you enough to offset the shipping charges and transmission remove and replace charges.  If you are using a local transmission rebuild shop, be sure to ask for an estimate that includes parts AND labor.  I believe that you will find our pricing competative and many times priced less than the local shop that does not specialize in this style transmission.   


PowerGlide rebuild labor is $1,500 and includes thermal cleaning.  Price does not include rebuild kit, needed hard parts, added labor for bushing replacement, case repairs or excessive rust/corrosion/de-varnish correction. Generally your transmission can be rebuilt for around $2,100 parts and labor (plus extras and shipping) depending on condition of transmission.  I will work with you to make an accurate estimate determination, and locate good parts when needed.


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - EMAIL US FOR OPTIONS!  We can help locate a suitable transmission in the USA, arrange shipping to our shop, rebuild the unit, build a shipping crate, and help with shipping to your location.   We also offer install support services for your repair shop if questions arise.


A word about keeping your early Hydramatic instead of swapping the original transmission for a newer style powertrain.  We encourage maintaining originality whenever possible.  We believe it adds value, preserves history, and allows the owner to drive a vehicle of the era as it was.  We believe that any investment to maintain originality will return more than the repair investment over the cost of upgrading the powertrain to a newer version.  Contact us, we are always happy to discuss your project.  Also, be sure to check out our diagnosis help page.  As an owner, you should be aware of the early Hydra-Matic drive characteristics.  Reference this link, and go to the "Design" section.  These transmissions are unique when compared to subsequent Hydra-Matics.


NOTE: We do not remove and replace transmissions from your vehicle chassis.  We leave that to you.  Complete transmission removal, reinstallation and refill instructions are provided in navigation above. 


Do you want to keep your classic car or truck “original”?  Then contact us – we will take great care of your Hydramatic and restore it to original performance.  Email us at or Click Here for the Contact Us Page.

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