Classic Hydramatic Rebuild and Resurrection Service
Classic HydramaticRebuild and Resurrection Service


We are locating in Livonia, MI 48154 (near Detroit). 


Use this link to obtain quotes:


  • You will need lift gate service on our end.
  • The Class is 85 (transmission).
  • Keep pallet size, or crate, small.
  • Weight is listed below - if you are not sure, contact us (avoid a weight audit and extra charges)
  • Height of unit is no more 24" without a crate (but with a pallet).
  • You MUST fill out a BOM (Bill or Materials) and PRE-PAY shipping - No CODs please.
  • Drain the transmission well!  Stand on tail shaft in a pan for 24 hours.
  • We will provide a full address once you accept the quote we send you.

Be sure to search and get quotes for shipping.  You can save money if you are able to deliver your pallet or crate to shipper. 


Generally, a cast iron Hydramatic fully dressed on a pallet is about 325 pounds.  A Jetaway on a pallet is about 300 pounds.  Shipping each way will run between $200 and $400 based on lift gate service need, your location, selected carrier, foot print of pallet, weight, etc. 


If shipping on a pallet, look for used GOOD CONDITION pallet locally.  If it needs tightening, run some screws in where it is weak / loose (be sure to ask before taking a company's pallet, sometimes they may have better pallets inside they are willing to give you).


You can build a crate if you would like (see photo above) or just tie transmission to a suitable pallet. Or purchase a crate from U-Line that ships the disassembled crate to your door.  All you need to do is assemble crate, secure transmission to crate floor, and close it up.  We will ship your item back in your crate (if the crate is still in good condition).


U-Line crate pricing link is here:


If you purchase from U-Line make sure the crate includes a pallet.  Or secure the crate to a pallet.


If you do not want to crate, then  simply obtain a good condition pallet small enough for the unit to sit on and not hang over the edges.  You must include Lift Gate Service and prepay all freight charges (or customs fees if International).  Be sure to fully drain the unit.  Remove loose items like dip sticks and dip stick tubes.  If you include small items, be sure to package or box and secure to the pallet or transmission.  Tie the transmission to the pallet with sufficient strapping (like ratchet straps if you do not have shipping straps and strap tools).  More strapping is better.  We will provide additional packaging information as needed and a complete address when you are ready to ship. 


We always send photos of what we receive.  We will return your unit either on your pallet or your crate (if still useable).  If you want a return shipping protected crate used, then we will discuss cost and either build or use a U-Line crate.   


The photos above depict examples of what we receive from customers as these have arrived from the carrier truck.  As you can see, more strapping is better since sometimes the transmission is hanging off the pallet when it arrives.  Again - more strapping is better!  Good condition pallets are a must.


Let us know if you have questions.  I look forward to rebuilding your Hydramatic.

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