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Rebuilding Your Own

I get this question from time to time…can YOU rebuild YOUR OWN classic Hydramatic.  The answer is “maybe.”


There is a ton of info on You Tube about rebuilding transmissions.  Some pretty good, and some not so good.  What I mean by "no so good" is that the author is not a transmission expert and they may show you techniques that will end up in damage to the unit or personal injury. 


If you have successfully rebuilt a few transmissions before, and you have an accurate shop manual, and you know basic automatic transmission principles and rebuild techniques, then yes, it is possible to rebuild your own.


If this is your first attempt, we strongly suggest leaving the project to an expert.  There are many special tools that need to be acquired or constructed, inspection and cleaning process that must be followed, correct damage free disassembly processes that are not in the book (remember – some of these units have not been opened up for several decades and the parts are seized together), there are reassembly processes that must be followed, and a host of additional items that you may not be aware of and that are not cited in the shop manual.  Unfortunately some classic car / truck owners (and their friends) try to do it themselves, and some fail.


If you are serious about the restoration of your Hydramatic to functional status, then send me an email.  We will be happy to discuss your project.  And yes, I do accept basket cases or transmissions that other shops have unseccessfully rebuilt.


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