Classic Hydramatic Rebuild and Resurrection Service
Classic HydramaticRebuild and Resurrection Service

About Us

Founded on the idea of helping owners continue to enjoy their GM Classic Car or Truck.  Providing professional and specialized transmission overhaul that keeps your vehicle driving well. 


I personally disassemble, inspect, repair, final assemble and final adjust.  Work is never farmed out.  Parts are sourced from reputable suppliers. All internals gear train and case parts are thermal cleaned.  Your transmission gets a 100% tear down (including all servos and valving) and a double inspection (one at initial tear down, one after thermal cleaning).  All issues are noted with digital photos sent to the owner.  Torque values are followed, endplays and clearances are checked, all work is hand disassembled and assembled (no impacts) and torqued to spec.  External gaskets are double sealed.  Case, bell and tail are properly painted.


I have years of experience repairing hydramatic transmissions.  Factory trained, years of dealership experience focused on automatic transmission service, diagnosis and repair.  Early Hydramatic (two band, two clutch), Jetaway, or Cast Iron PowerGlide specialist.


Do not hesitate to contact me with a question about your transmission or request an estimate - I am glad to be of service.


I am located in Livonia, MI 48154 (near Detroit).  


Email me at 


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